Mit dem Auto

To come to us in the PfänderGlück, you must first book the LUCK and we will confirm their LUCK time. If you are on your way, there are not too many ways to LUCK:

By car you can safely reach LUCKY from all sides to Lochau near Bregenz. Either via the A14 freeway - and depending on which side - take the Hörbranz/Lochau exit for your LUCK route. Then drive into the center of Lochau and when you see the church tower of Lochau, you are exactly right. Here the Pfänderstrasse leads you directly to the PfänderGlück.

Enjoy this ride - a bit more LUCKY, of course, on the passenger side - because from there you can experience the incredible LUCKY views over the valleys between the mountain and the lake up close. Every curve shows a new perspective - every heart will jump for joy.

And when you are at the top, take the road to the right - beware, this is a private road - and your direct path to PfänderGlück. Watch out, because there are often many visitors on the way who are also looking for a piece of happiness. And then you will already see the PfänderGlück on the left side. You have made it to your LUCKY vacation! We are very LUCKY about that!

Die Glücks-Adresse

Pfänder 44

6911 Lochau


Wir freuen uns, Sie willkommen zu heißen.

Other paths to happiness

For a LUCKY journey by public transport, it is best to first take the train to the train station Bregenz or also Lochau. We will then take care of the rest, because for a stress-free journey you need a shuttle to PfänderGlück.

Would you like to drive LUCKY independently, then we will be happy to arrange a rental car for you, so that you can reach all ways to LUCK.